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Wat Banrai (Wat Loung Po koon ) PDF Print

 Wat Banrai (Wat Loung Po koon ) : Worship  Loung Po koon


 Loung Po koon Parisutto Ekhi known as King. People's faith is respected nationwide. You are currently abbot of Wat Banrai making this measurement is known of people with a royal Loung Po koon villagers access to all public levels. Since Prince monarch. Politicians to villagers. You are popular with great mercy. How to preach a straightforward easy to understand. But believers in the day to take another pay a packed worship.
Location and Travel  Tumbol Kudpiman Ample Dankhuntod
Private car
Ample Dankhuntod use the means highway No. 2217 to the Ample Bumnet Narong Chaiyaphum approximately 11 km to see the arched entrance on the right hand clearly measured. Turn into another approximately 1 km to the measurement location. If coming from Bangkok using Highway 2 driving through the district Ample Pakchong Sicigw. Elige that left into Highway. Drive straight to 201 districts Deankuntd.
Bus ride next two rows. Rp. Deankuntd 6 baht price or hire of passenger motor side next hospital Dankhuntod to submit bids only 60 baht.

wat-2  History : Was a house of priest. Since the year 2436 during the reign of 5 with his teacher cheum Wirasho is a first dean. Has created the religious buildings. Especially during the Loung Po koon Parisutto a temple abbot has developed the most. The believers from around the country. Material factors, co-present a tremendous amount Loung Po koon has established a foundation Loung Po koon Parisutto benefits to public events. Such as restoration measures. Building schools hospitals etc..

watInteresting : Worship  Loung Po koon
Twice a day 10.00-11.00 hrs ,14.00-17 .00. Pm on the day but will have thousands of people who believe in waiting to pay worship and present material factors. With the prayer of your father to knock heads multiplied by a unique public and then multiplied Object father father factor multiplied by the villagers, especially money that you will return to some of those present to be a spirit bag. the next livelihood. Money and property that have been present, you will be Deankuntd community development district. The school building. Hospital Foundation to establish the poor in the community. His office was known as a spend most of your routine is a good person's religious faith throughout the country.

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